One of the biggest contributions to the success of the PowerUP Gospel Music Workshop is our Volunteers that help to make things run extra smoothly.

Each year, PowerUP is growing to meet the demands for new Workshops, Clinicians, and special events. Please review the frequently asked questions and list of positions below for more information. Then click the "Volunteers Needed" button to sign up today!


We have volunteer positions in a wide variety of areas (i.e. Merchandise, Security, Hospitality, Workshop Host, and Conference Setup/Tear down, Concert Support)
Volunteering for all three days is not required. Select the day and hours you wish to volunteer and we will try to accommodate accordingly.
We would love to accommodate everyone’s schedule, however custom schedules are not possible. Signing up as a volunteer, is agreeing to work whichever shifts you are scheduled for during each day of the Conference. We will do our best to make things fair and to distribute shifts evenly.
Schedules will be mailed out 2- 3 weeks before the conference. If an email address is provided, you will receive your schedule in this format.
Yes! There is volunteer orientation for all volunteers at the start of each day of the conference or the day you’re scheduled. All volunteers must arrive on time to attend this meeting. At this meeting the team leader(s) will be introduced and training will be provided.
Our Volunteer Coordinator does not work out of the Power Up office to receive phone calls. However, Office Staff can always assist with any questions that cannot be addressed via e-mail.

All volunteers are required to check in at the Registration Desk. Plan to arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to your actual volunteer time for updates. This also allows time for early arrival at your exact shift location.


Volunteers working at the Registration desk are responsible for welcoming delegates, providing them with badges and other materials, and answering questions as required. The direct report is the Registration Coordinator. Volunteers must become very knowledgeable about the event as they will be asked a variety of questions and must be able to communicate special requests to Conference staff. Volunteers will be provided with all relevant information, including maps and an information binder. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your shift.
Volunteer duties are as follows:

  • Arrive before the start of the conference to assist with set up
  • Post Signage
  • Arrange rooms for the workshop
  • Check in on each room during the workshop to make sure assigned equipment is in that room
  • Assist the conference committee member with any tasks that need to be done
The Workshop Host assists the workshop clinicians in meeting their needs before, during, and after their presentation(s). This may include making sure water or beverage of choice is available, ensuring appropriate seating, distribution of handouts, and other tasks as required.
Volunteers in this category will be assigned to a room during the Workshop time block.

The Workshop Volunteer duties are as follows:

  • Arrive 30 minutes before the start of each session
  • Check on each room during the time block assigned, at the beginning of the session and complete a short checklist.
  • Check that the presenter is there and check-in with them to make sure they have all that they need.
  • Introduce the presenter(s) and give any instructions needed.
  • Hand out and collect evaluation sheets
  • Make sure that the instructor stays to the time limit
Volunteers will assist Clinicians with their technical needs. York has a system that has a projector, Computer, DVD/CD. Orientation is required. Get instructions from Clinician what sites/track they will be using. Monitoring meeting rooms for Audio/Visual problems, troubleshooting where required.
The Session Monitor duties are as follows:

  • Direct conference attendees in and out of the workshops
  • Provide traffic control at doors
  • Direct attendees to the correct entrance doors
  • Make sure everyone who enters is wearing a badge and registered for that session
  • Assist late comers to available seats
  • Assist in directing overflow traffic, if necessary
The Set Up and Tear Down Crew will be responsible for setting up and breaking down all tables and chairs used for the conference. This position may also be required to deliver conference materials (programs, tables, chairs, posters, and other items) to various locations on campus. Packing, unpacking and moving equipment; physical lifting will be involved.
You are the first the impression left with our registrants, which can affect participants’ overall experience at Power Up. You will greet the attendees as they enter the University and direct them to the Registration Centre.
You will be responsible for giving directions to conference attendees at posts throughout the facility. Attendees will expect you to have the answer to everything, so familiarize yourself with the conference schedules, the conference floor plan, the conference mobile app, room locations, and your general surroundings.
Live Tweeters are responsible for attending assigned workshops, communicating the details of the conversation to the Twitter sphere. This will involve providing the highlights of the discussion, and connecting to online communities of interest through creative hashtagging. Advanced research will be required to prepare hyperlinks, handles, and hashtags for use in Live-Tweeting. Significant social media experience, particularly with Twitter, is required. Welcome Live Tweeters will be asked to use smartphones for onsite work.
For the weekend, you will be a part of a team that will be On-call in case there is an emergency onsite. You will be given a folder with an incident report form to complete should need arises. First-aid kits will be onsite as well. You should have current First-aid and CPR certification.
Floaters may be assigned to any of the above positions based on additional needs that develop throughout the conference. The specific duties and responsibilities associated with each assignment may vary, but generally include assisting both conference attendees and staff. A floater may have several different assignments within the course of a day. The Floater may also serve as a runner to get additional supplies, provide exhibit support, make photocopies, changes to registration, and meet the needs of the conference organizers. This person may also be asked to serve as Hotel Ambassador or volunteer at a social event. A smartphone would be an asset.
This person will be responsible for assisting attendants at the finale concert. Your duty will entail ushering guests to their seats, directing guests to restrooms, and any other task given by the concert organizer. The Usher will need to arrive at the site 1 – 1 1/2 hours prior to the concert. In addition, the Usher will need to remain for 1/2 after the concert has finished to assist with guests leaving the venue.
The specific duties and responsibilities associated with this assignment may vary, but generally include assisting both the concert organizer. Therefore, you may have several different assignments within the course of the evening. You are solely responsible for meeting the needs of the concert organizers.